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The Vulcan Legacies...


A thrilling Young Adult saga from paranormal romance author, Sasha Hibbs.


This is an epic tale of good and evil where love isn't always in the light and bad isn't always  surrounded by the darkness.


Join Ally Watson in the ultimate battle to save the world, her soul and all those she loves in a story that's sure to leave you breathless!

A thrilling read with vivid and intriguing characters, an exciting new world!

Coffee Time Romance


An awesome story filled with so much potential, it has great characters, tons of secrets, a fair bit of action, a huge helping of romance from more than one source, a nice big prophecy and a battle between good & evil in the ultimate power play...

Book Passion For Life


A spellbinding, action packed read that held my attention throughout. I read it within a day because it was that awesome!

The Readers Round Table


The plot is the best that I have read in the young adult genre, ever...

HEA Romances With A Little Kick


Ms. Hibbs carefully weaves fantasy, myth, and the paranormal into an intriguing coming of age story. Beautifully written...

Dark Diva Reviews






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